StudyHeist – A New Way to Study

As finals Fall 2011 came to a close, I found myself wishing I had access to the study guides of people who had taken classes before me.  I heard that some student groups, like Penn’s AEPi chapter, had private “study banks” where they kept such materials, but I needed a public solution.   Study guides and notes are inherently recyclable materials, yet we only use them once. A week later, on a plane to the Dominican Republic, StudyHeist was born.

StudyHeist is a national test bank, organized by school, class, and year.  The coolest part is the fact that the currency on StudyHeist is reputation.  When you upload something to StudyHeist, students who download it have the opportunity to rate your contribution from 1-10.  For every 10 total points you accumulate, you get a credit.  This creates a BitTorrent-style community where one must give in order to receive.

Check out the website for more information!  StudyHeist was built using Ruby on Rails and a healthy dose of jQuery and CSS tricks to give it a distinctive look.