The Biggest Problem with WordPress, in One Image

Today I tried to make a new post on this blog, and this is the page with which I was presented:

This page is entirely about writing a post.  Yet the part of the page in which I can compose the post is only 6.12% of the total page area!  The other 93.88% of the page is devoted to blank space,  useless links, website nav, and generally anything but what I need.   This is like writing an essay through the mail slot in my front door.  Am I the only one with this complaint?


It appears the text box is resizable, and I am an idiot.  However, I still think it’s bad web design to have it so small by default.  If I didn’t realize, a lot of less technical people definitely won’t.


The Best Tech Ad I’ve Seen Lately

A few days ago, I got a copy of TIME Magazine in the mail with an advertisement that really struck me as near-perfect.  I thought I’d write a quick post about it since I haven’t heard mention of it on any of my usual tech blogs (or Hacker News).

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