The Biggest Problem with WordPress, in One Image

Today I tried to make a new post on this blog, and this is the page with which I was presented:

This page is entirely about writing a post.  Yet the part of the page in which I can compose the post is only 6.12% of the total page area!  The other 93.88% of the page is devoted to blank space,  useless links, website nav, and generally anything but what I need.   This is like writing an essay through the mail slot in my front door.  Am I the only one with this complaint?


It appears the text box is resizable, and I am an idiot.  However, I still think it’s bad web design to have it so small by default.  If I didn’t realize, a lot of less technical people definitely won’t.


11 thoughts on “The Biggest Problem with WordPress, in One Image

  1. I use the It’s All Text plugin in Firefox to edit textareas in web pages to get around that restriction. They’re all too small and the editor functionality is too limited.

  2. so you need to:

    – stop maximizing your browser, what is this windows?
    – drag the little dohickey bottom right of the textarea down so that it is larger
    – quit yer complainin’

  3. You can change the default text box size, too. In the WP dashboard, go to Settings > Writing. The first option is to change the size of the post box. I have it set to 40.

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