Sizer – A Simple, Useful Chrome Extension

Windows 7 debuted one of my favorite mainstream OS features of all time – Aero snap.  With just a drag one could resize a window to be full or half screen without annoying clicking and dragging.  Recently there have been a wave of OS X apps replicating (and even expanding upon) this functionality such as SizeUp, Spectacle (my personal choice), and Cinch.  However I have now become so dependent on this functionality I find it almost unbearable to use a computer without it.  My workflow has completely adjusted to the side-by-side window style and I can’t go back to dragging my windows to that size manually 5+ times an hour. Continue reading


Opening the Gates to the Tech World

One of the great myths of the startup world is the belief that the recent proliferation of internet technology means that anyone can start a business.  While it is true that in recent years the cost of starting a tech-based business has dropped sharply and many of the barriers to entry have disappeared, there are still many people without the opportunity to get in on the “tech revolution”.  Don’t worry, this is not another article blasting the technology industry for a lack of diversity.  Instead, I want to discuss an idea for a new type of productive philanthropy organization about which I have been thinking for the past few weeks.

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