Sizer – A Simple, Useful Chrome Extension

Windows 7 debuted one of my favorite mainstream OS features of all time – Aero snap.  With just a drag one could resize a window to be full or half screen without annoying clicking and dragging.  Recently there have been a wave of OS X apps replicating (and even expanding upon) this functionality such as SizeUp, Spectacle (my personal choice), and Cinch.  However I have now become so dependent on this functionality I find it almost unbearable to use a computer without it.  My workflow has completely adjusted to the side-by-side window style and I can’t go back to dragging my windows to that size manually 5+ times an hour.

I recently got a Chromebook (review forthcoming), and while there is some mouse-based Aero-snap functionality it’s clunky and I missed the simplicity of Spectacle.  So today I sat down and I made Sizer, a super simple Chrome extension that allows you to quickly move your current window to either occupy your whole screen or one vertical half.  This enables me to have my beloved window managing functionality (in the browser, anyway) anywhere I can sign into Chrome and with an extension that’s barely there.  The screenshot at the top of the post shows the super-simple UI, which has only what it needs to do its job.

Just click, and you’re done.   I know this isn’t much to brag about (you’ll see why if you check out the code on Github) but I think it’s really useful and I hope some other Chrome fans agree.  I think it’s most useful on restricted platforms like Chrome OS where customizing the window manager is not an option.

Anyway, grab it from the Chrome store and let me know what you think in the comments or on Hacker News.  Enjoy!


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